Ploumanac’h by ConnyMarkert

Market by alexgregoiredenicourt

Garden of time by lolongan

Sunset in Himachal by hitesh_singhal

Tanah Lot, Bali by AfterWeForget

Impossible is Nothing by indrajithajra

Angry fish by vyachgudzenko

Smooth Tracks by kVP #SocialFoto

Away you go by Kevin_N


In Snell’s window I just can not get enough of the giant manta rays of the Socorros. Here is another edit. This is a male manta ray pictured together with my girlfriend in front of Snell’s window.
Snell’s window allows us to see the clouds through the waters surface. Outside the window we can only see the reflection of what is down below due to the refraction of light entering water.. by joostvanuf

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